Great Welding For Folded Door

Great Welding For Folded Door
Great Welding For Folded Door

Who does not need a folding door like this if it has a large store. Of course you need a folding door with a quality security. Why not, we do not mess with offering high spec for customers who really trust us to choose the right materials. We always offer the most specs in this case.

we are committed to always offering the best customer tray. Guaranteed to be addicted to always order a folding door in our place Tawung Sinar Prima.

Do not one fold, a hundred folds will still be served. This folding door is approximately 3 meters high, with a thickness of 0.5 iron plate. Price can adjust with the owner only, contact us! Chat casually and will meet an agreement later. Do not be too insistent to bargain, we have calculated as efficiently as possible, the funds we have press and of course we do not reduce the specifications at all. Only if it fits for sure we will make it happen.

The above view is the initial does not perfect yet, later to paint we always use the P3nt4Gloss brand car paint, know the brand we deliberately disguised but still read.

To be able to get such a folding door So Come and find us, chatting with information exchange, we will welcome with affection and mutual respect. Our address is Tawangrejo Village Rt.01 Rw.06 Winong District, Pati Regency Central Java, POS code 59181.

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