How To Increase Upload Speed

The article today about How To Increase Upload Speed, Imagine if you become a frequent upload of good form of video and so forth with upload speed is not maximal alias too slow. So what happens is to be angry and if not angry, we just spend time alone. It could be because our internet quota is limited and given only download speed of 20 megabits per second (Mbps) and upload speed up to 4 Mbps, if quota condition so then of course can not be improved.

There are several things you can do if there is a problem with your network and your computer, you may notice some of the following issues:

  1. Usually for the first step if the conditions are rather slow, then Reboot your modem and any router or switch by unplugging the power cord and reinserting it. Leave it for a few minutes and reuse it.
  2. Just test it on an online site like and do a bandwidth test. Then he will automatically test ping local server and will give the upload speed and download.
  3. Perform a second test after working hours on a PC or laptop that is physically connected directly to an Internet service provider’s modem (ISP).
  4. Then after you do that, check by comparing the two speed test results with the informed by the ISP, if you want to increase the bandwidth then automatically can do better with good performance also.
  5. Usually the computer becomes slow if the computer is exposed to the virus, then you should complete your PC with anti virus. Because viruses usually take the bandwidth we are using.
  6. The number of routers must be limited, you have to decide which router to remove. Devices that are between your modem and your computer can slow down your upload speed, especially 3 layer routers and switches, which can be configured to filter outgoing and incoming traffic.
    Let’s say the mistakes people often make in the office or in small companies with limited data droplets are by installing some daisy desktop switches to connect a person to the main office switch. Yes of course this will greatly affect because each switch filters out existing network traffic, it is certain that the employee will experience a tremendous decrease in performance.
    Then how should we do. We recommend that we connect employees using a long Ethernet cable not more than 100 meters because the performance will also be different.
  7. Well this is also important, if your wireless equipment is using Wireless G, consider upgrading to Wireless N.
  8. Most easy is the Upgrade only, if there is a slow performance then overcome with the steps we have described above.
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