Canon Eos Rebel Xs Digital Slr Camera

In the article with the title Canon Eos Rebel Xs Digital Slr Camera this time I will review a little about this very simple camera. Well just go ahead. Let’s say you want to break away from the usual point-and-shoot cameras. You’re tired of just taking photos and not doing something really useful or creative or new to checking out.

This is the new Canon. This is actually an XS rebel, so maybe you know there is a rebel in this XS I rebel who is the latest from Canon. This camera is so cool what is this perfect beginner DSLR it is really very perfect very very light feature also there are many cool things.

On it and again it would do all the things a professional camera would do, but on a budget it might be closer to a point-and-shoot camera now. Let’s talk about some specs on this is 10.1 megapixels. That is the big picture if you want to do it in pixels that are 3888 pixels with 200 2592 pixels it’s a very very big picture.

Literally if you want to blow it up to a maximum of 45 inches and that’s huge. This is actually called a thousand D. So if you watch from Ireland or England or wherever in Europe this is what you call a thousand D. If here it is called XS the rebel XS. For the price of a very good camera price.

Let’s talk about some of the specs in this camera first. Let us tell you some basic things if you use an SD card so if you have an old camera that uses SD or SDHC which is a high capacity card. You can continue and trade it here, you do not need to Buy new media, so cool CMS CMS OS or CMOS or CMOS sensor or some people call it actually 22 x 14 millimeter, this is actually close to 22 to 15.

So this is a pretty good sized CMOS sensor that will shoot well. It will work well in any low light then we have built-in flash which is pretty good.

We will tell you something else one thing that you will really enjoy if you switch from a pointed camera have you ever tried to Get an idea of ​​something that is moving very fast in a DSLR? Forgive me on a point-an D-shoot it really is not possible it takes like a minute after you press the button for the image to appear so you have this very nice photo that is in front while you go to take the picture.

It’s like thinking okay just taking pictures and you just missed everything so what’s really cool with buying this canon, can you see how fast ABS if we turn it on and pull the shutter see what happens while trying.

Immediately you push it takes a very fast image, so you will get a picture when photographing a car racing athlete or photographing your kids who are playing soccer. You do not want to get a blurry picture. You want to capture the image immediately.

So very cool now the other thing is if you are a little intimidated by all this technology all the manual features can adjust everything manually that you do not have to worry about can definitely set this up.

If you can see this view. On all those settings you can actually set it to almost a lot of manual hanging aperture it’s got the value of the aperture time value you can program or you can set it to full auto. You can take advantage of other Auto Settings like portrait landscape macros etc.

All built into this very simple camera. If you do not want to jump right away, but you want to take a high quality picture this will automatically take a better picture. Even if you do not know how to do something manually it will let you take excellent photos and you can still switch to automatic or do anything manually.

You Know the exposure you want to do if you want to do manual exposure aperture. It is not a problem you will definitely do now.

If we review the lens, let’s see what happens in 1855. The millimeter lens is a great starter lens that you will know to do a fairly wide shot and will enlarge so well that it gets four four stabilization points on it so it will give you Nice stable photos.

What else can I tell you about this. You know that the more expensive is the EOS and the price is more expensive like 450d I will use the digit three image processing and it is a camera that cost literally more than tenfold. The cost of this camera that uses the exact same image processor as does another great thing on this camera as the more expensive one is live view, all you will do is use this screen two and a half inches.

Inch the LCD at the back so let’s say that you’re trying to take a picture of this box normally we should go like looking through the viewfinder in order to place the right image that you see through the lens on the back, which most DSLRs can not do great for situations Awkward when you are in an awkward position, it has a good point of view.

So if you want to show a photo to a friend, you can zoom in on the screen. So it’s best to manually adjust your manual focus so you can see if it’s really sharp or not, you can also to check your exposure depth so you know it feels good.

For that we also have an easy grid that is small box shape to arrange your picture to make sure everything is flat so that you can take good picture as far as lens Look, you will support EF or EFS lens from Canon.

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